The powder revolution !

Discover our powder cleansers and shampoos.
1. The future of cosmetic waterless and preservatives free
2. Minimalist and efficient care products
3. Natural and vegan formulas, without controversial ingredients
4. The perfect size to travel thanks to aluminum bottles...

Pourquoi Yodi ?

Our product are: Natural, Vegan, Cruelty free, Made in France

What if we could take care of our skin like our dietary, with the same requirement of transparency, with the same level of ingredient quality.
Shampoos and face cleansers formulated like real care and ecofriendly…

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Our engaged Yodistas

“Super surprised of the texture, it foams well and we feel that the hair is cleaning” @sofiia
“The powder beauty it is clean and natural, good for people and earth” @elsa
“I have a soft and velvety skin after use. Love it !” @charlotte


Yodi film

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