Adaptogens : best anti-stress plants

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To contribute to our well-being, it is important to know ourselves and to understand what our body needs. Today, thanks to scientific research which attests to their benefits, adaptogens are increasingly used by oriental medicines as part of alternative therapies, or even as an accompaniment to more serious treatments, in order to relieve the side effects.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plants, berries and mushrooms that help the body fight against stress and its the imbalances.

To be qualified as an adaptogen, a plant must meet the following 3 characteristics: 

     1. Have a generalized action on the body: they improve in a global and sustainable way the body resistance to all kinds of stress.

     2. Have a normalizing effect: adaptogens have a regulating and balancing effect on the body. They act in two ways to strengthen or calm the body according to its current condition.

     3. Their use is safe and without side effects.

Is stress the root cause of all problems?

Today, stress is considered to be responsible for many imbalances that can spoil daily life in the medium-long term. For example, it's the first cause of insomnia and digestive problems from which more and more people suffer.

If it can be normal to experience occasional stressful situations, chronic stress i.e. the continuous secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, is a big problem today. The body is constantly on the alert : this disrupts the entire organism functioning and causes many health problems including adrenal fatigue.

Research shows the chronic stress impact on health: high blood pressure, anxiety and even depression, promotes addictions...


How do adaptogens act on stress?

Used for thousands of years in traditional medicines, adaptogens are now experiencing a new popularity supported by science. They prove to be perfect allies to our modern lifestyles.

What does this actually mean ? Adaptogenic plants support adrenal functions, which are overly solicited in cases of chronic stress. They will also improve the flow of oxygen to promote cellular respiration, help eliminate toxins that clog and weaken the body and, most of all, help maintain homeostasis: body's internal balance.

To regularly consume adaptogenic plants allows :

    • An adaptation of the body to stress, to take a step back, to be a little more relaxed

    • An immune system strengthening 

    • A lasting energy, all year long, without slackness

    • To support adrenal glands hormones such as adrenaline (positive stress) and to adjust the rate of cortisol (negative stress) according to the situation

    • Improved mental and physical performance

    • Restore hormonal balance

How to integrate adaptogens into your daily life? 

If all adaptogens are anti-stress, they each have a unique characteristic and incredible properties. Some of them stimulate the body (Ginseng, Maca), some others soothe it (Reishi, Holy Basil).

This is why Hygée, the first French brand producing food supplements based on adaptogenic plants, formulates products that combine different adaptogens. This allows us to address an overall problem, in a more holistic way.  100% active and natural, organic and vegan, Hygée adaptogen powders are ready to use and can be added to your daily rituals in a fun way: 1 teaspoon per day, in your drinks, smoothies, breakfast bowls, etc.

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