Benefits of having indoor plants

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As the Yodi’s team is very attached to natural well-being, we have investigated plants to know more about the benefits of having indoor plants at your home or office. 

Several studies have been carried out on this subject, including the one led by Pati I and Harti g (2008) among 385 office workers in Norway.

We noticed that having plants around provide lots of benefits including: 

- Improving efficiency at work. The study shows that plants increase workplace productivity related to the amount of plants around the employees.

- A decrease of sick leave among women and men. Office plants help to reduce certain symptoms such as cough, fatigue, headache, itching of the scalp

Scientists believe that these positive health effects come from the fact that plants reduce VOCs (colatile organic compounds) as well as the humidity level. These two factors are significant in dermatological and ENT problems.

How do plants clean the air?

It is related to the principle of phytoremediation. This is a technology that uses plants metabolism to accumulate, transform, degrade, concentrate, stabilize or remove pollutants (organic and inorganic molecules, metals and radioelements) contained in contaminated soil or water. (Source: CEA).

The characteristics of the plant such as its nature, its morphology, the size of its leaves as well as its environment parameters (wind, temperature…) define its absorption capacity.

Here is a small selection of friendly indoor plants


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