Choosing the right men’s shampoo for your hair type

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Men too deserve the best cosmetic products possible! If traditionally men used in the shower the same product for both their body and hair without looking at the ingredients, times have changed. There are more and more men paying attention to the composition of a beauty product. They buy more in general and more top quality products in particular. Youngsters are obviously the most concerned ones, environmentally and health conscious, they wish to pay more attention in the choice of their personal care products. Their favorite ones are perfumes, hair care and shaving products.

Now if I have a look at my boyfriend’s bathroom, he is no exception : an organic shampoo, a little hair wax, an electric razor, a beard oil, a niche deodorant and perfume. That’s a direct hit : at nearly 30 years old my partner is in the norm, one of these men taking care of them, beyond their basic hygiene routine.  And since I made him stop ready prepared meals, I feel like there has been an increasing awareness around beauty products. 

Of course let me be clear: my boyfriend has never been neglected, he is more the kind to shower twice than once a day, to equalize his beard, cut his nails, always smell good... 

Over the years I have waged a war against aerosol deodorants, 2-in-1 shower and sometimes even 3-in-1 hair care products. 

After some time, my boyfriend finally admitted that my advice over the past years had allowed him to "lose less hair", a real scourge if I believe the men around me, to discover that he had curly hair and finally to have a less oily skin. What a relief!

So of course, buying high quality organic products costs more than buying ones on a supermarket shelf, but you deserve results and efficiency while taking care of your health at the same time. 

Because yes, men want quick results, they don’t have the time for assumptions such as "maybe it will work". A guy sees a product, he tries it. If it's effective than cool, he will buy it until his death. It is not efficient? Than too bad, the product had its chance. Factual, guys are factual! To seduce them you need convenient purchasing instructions, a clear recommended use and a visible result. That's all. 

Finding the best shampoo for your hair type

Like women and their too long, too short, too curly, too stiff or too flat hair, men also have real existential problems. 

Men have different hair types :

Normal hair: it is soft, shiny without being greasy, easily combed and supple. It is a rather irresistible type of hair that makes you want to pass your hand in it. 

Dry hair: unless hair is very long we do not talk about split ends. However we spot them easily because they are dull and brittle, they lack sebum and the scalp is sensitive… and in the worst case irritated which is not awesome. Gentlemen if you have curly hair: it needs to be taken care of!

Oily hair: greasy, thick, sometimes you can see the dandruff on the scalp, nothing nice here either.

Hair with dandruff: a widespread case generated because of an irritated scalp.

Hair falling out: source of stress for so many men, no wonder that hair implants have so much wind in their sails. Whether it is falling on the sides, the famous gulfs ... or at the center of the scalp, many men are concerned with baldness.

Graying or white hair that is not necessarily related to age: many young men have white or gray hair. They require an adapted hair care routine.

Broadly speaking, the type of hair you have is mainly linked to heredity. However, the lifestyle you have also plays a very important role in the quality of your hair. A good diet low in saturated fats and sugar, a regular physical activity and enough sleep can influence the nature of your hair. 

If you are a man, if you can relate to the categories listed above and if you think you do not use the adapted hair care products : you are in the very right place because we will share with you our best tips.

As heavily implied above: not using the appropriate hair care products will not do you any favors. 

Different men routine

What is the average time of a woman’s hair care routine vs the average time of a man's hair care routine? 

On average, a woman’s hair care routine is about 6 hours long on good days and 12 hours 40 minutes long on bad days. A woman saying she will start to prepare is an anxiety attack and a defibrillator assured for those waiting for her. They know the bathroom will turn into a minefield, with hair masks, body and face scrubs and makeup everywhere: we are not there. But could you tell me what are men’s beauty routine?  Rather express: they are looking for time optimization and efficiency. 

Men want products with labels they can understand, clear benefits, adapted to specific problems. They take care of themselves more and more, enjoy having a soft, well-trimmed beard, a shiny hair and a scalp that does not itch. Because you gentlemen too, have learned to listen to yourself and to choose your products according to your singularities. We know that you mainly use products in the shower to save the more time possible, there is no way you would smear yourself with day cream in front of your bathroom mirror, singing Celine Dion. 

Concretely a man only needs the following: 

A suitable shampoo 

A hair wax 

A facial cleanser 

A razor 

An oil for the beard 

A good deodorant 

A perfume



With these essential toiletries, a man can save the world. 

So let's focus on the shampoo, which is usually carefully chosen. No more drawer bottoms. The stuff stung to your mothers, sisters, wives or friends.  You understood that men and women hair and scalps more importantly, do not have the same sensitivities at all. Hormones in particular play an essential role in these major differences. If your girlfriend has dry skin and you have an oily one: borrowing her face care products will not solve your problem, so it is useless and it exposes you to a good rant: avoid. So what to choose? How to choose? How to discover your hair type for example? We will try to give you the keys to find your appropriate shampoo.

How to pick the right men’s shampoo 

Come on guys follow the guide, we assure you that at the end of this article you will know exactly what to buy, what to use and how to use it ! 

Normal hair shampoo


As its name suggests it : normal hair is normal, easy-to-maintain and must ultimately be shiny and healthy. 

First tell yourself that many men would kill to have your hair. If in addition to your nice hair you have no signs of baldness on the horizon, lucky you. Here’s why you are one lucky guy: 

Your hair is: 



Easy to comb


Congratulations gentlemen concerned, genetics has favored you. 

But it is not the only responsible : men who have a healthy lifestyle, i.e. those who respect the tips below also increase their chances of having normal hair: 

Do some sport 

Follow a good diet

Do not drink too much alcohol 

Do not smoke too much

If you don't particularly want to have oily hair or to lose it, here are some tips :

Choose soft or extra-soft organic shampoos with easy-to-read labels. Our powder shampoo Douceur de lait d'Amande is ideal for a regular hair wash. 

Avoid washing your hair every day, we know it is very tempting to do so in the shower but resist to preserve your scalp. A daily hair wash can be irritating and tend to grease your hair. 

Avoid using hair care products unsuitable for your hair type. A shampoo lying around in your shower is not necessarily adapted to normal hair. Use your own adapted hair care products and that's it! 

For the bravest ones and those who have little time (3 minutes) BEFORE your shampoo : massage your scalp! A good irrigation of blood vessels = a healthy scalp = fabulous hair. 

Shampoo for oily hair 


Your hair is puffy, mushy and difficult to comb, you wash it every day but it still regreases like crazy? You are one of the people whose hair greases or regreases quickly. The objectives regarding your hair care routine to come are therefore: 

To space out your shampoos

To calm your sensitive scalp most likely in pain 

Our first tip is to ban shampoos that contain silicone, sulfates and to favor extremely soft organic compositions. 

For example, our best-sheller powder shampoo Douceur de lait d'Amande is ideal for this type of hair. 

Oily hair often comes with a scalp sometimes silently a calling for help and sometimes by means of itching and red plaques. 

Below are the causes : 

Too much stress 

A diet too rich in fat, sugar, alcohol ... 

A hair care routine not adapted with too nourishing and too irritating shampoos 

Here is a series of tips to put an end to oily hair once and for all: 

Avoid aggressive scalp massages during your shampoos: try to avoid arousing the sebaceous glands that will retaliate with massive production of sebum. 

Choose a soft or extra-soft shampoo : in this case our powder shampoo Douceur de lait d'Amande is an absolute go to that will seriously change your life (or at least the quality of your hair)

Avoid washing it every day for the same reason : leave the scalp and the sebaceous glands in peace 

Do not use a hair dryer near your skull because it will dry your skin and release too much sebum

A nice organic hair mask from time to time on the scalp you will do to soothe its irritation 

To wide-toothed comb or brush your hair you will avoid: it spreads the sebum on all hair. 

Finally, it is time to say that an improvement in your lifestyle is urgently needed to find a balance regarding the scalp. We avoid food that promote toxins: fast food, alcohol, industrial food, processed meat, frying.

All these tips while washing regularly your pillowcases and combs should allow you to find serenity between 2 shampoos.

Shampoo for dry hair

A man with dry hair is not uncommon at all! If from the outset it may imply that it will be necessary to buy as many products as a woman to maintain his hair and regain strength and shine: this is a classic urban belief rather false. 

No need for a giant budget to get rid of your dry hair: only a personalized hair care routine is necessary. 

How to be sure you have dry hair? 

It lacks sebum

Your scalp is fragile, potentially irritated

Your hair is dull and brittle

You have come to this point most of the time for the below reasons : 

Inappropriate hair care products, often too aggressive, which weaken and dry the hair 

Too frequent shampoos with are rinsed with too hot water 

Straightening or drying your hair with too hot hair dryers 

A misuse of hair creams, gels, wax of poor quality (with ultra-loaded compositions containing alcohol)   

How to correct quickly the situation without breaking the bank ? Look no further: here we are with our best tips: 

No need to use a thousand products to wash your hair: the ideal for you is a fortifying shampoo rich in keratin sulfate-free and silicone-free, we invite you to read and enjoy the concerned article we wrote and which is available on our website regarding how to give strength and shine to your dry and weakened hair. 

You can also use a nourishing and moisturizing shampoo like our powder shampoo Nutritive Argan, especially if you have curly, frizzy and dry hair. 

A good and gently scalp massage, inspired by the techniques of your hairdresser 

Regarding how you dry your hair, be careful not to rub yourself like a squirrel with your towel in order to not attack the skull. If you use a hair dryer, same recommendation, delicacy of rigor : no need to feel the extreme heat on your skull

Dandruff shampoo 


Here I am addressing those who have an irritated and itchy scalp : those who are tired of finding dandruff on their sweaters and their jackets. 

The main cause of all your problems: a sensitive, irritated scalp or even both. Contrary to popular beliefs and legends, men can combine oily hair AND dandruff: the winning combo. 

There are 2 types of dandruff: 

Dry dandruff : fine particles of dead skin due to an excessive and too rapid renewal of the epidermis of the scalp

Oily dandruff : the most problematic one: it suffocates the roots and can accelerate hair loss. These are the ones responsible for the itching on your head.

What should you do? 

First of all, if you are concerned by one of these categories of dandruff we can only recommend that you read carefully the dedicated article “Six errors to avoid when you have dandruff” on our website 

Then, do not hesitate to discuss this issue with your dermatologist or your pharmacist who will probably turn you to a food supplement for men based on zinc. 

Systematically use organic shampoos bought in organic and clean beauty stores or pharmacies. Never go for the shampoos full of sulfates in supermarkets. Shampoos’ compositions must be legible, understandable and clear

"anti-dandruff" shampoos sold in supermarkets are not your friends, they are enriched with allergens, sulfates, water, silicones: ingredient that will cause even more damage to your sensitive scalp.

Avoid caps, hats and scooter helmets for a long time so as not to make sure to keep your scalp in open air 

Review your diet: we say and repeat it throughout this article but an unbalanced scalp always leads to hair in poor condition. So: not too much fat, sugar, alcohol, tobacco. We limit excesses! 

A good clean anti-dandruff shampoo to alternate with a mild shampoo, I put it back here but if our powder shampoo Douceur de lait d'Amande is our best seller, it is not for nothing: it is the savior of sensitive scalps and hair that constantly regreases. 

Hair loss shampoo


If some accept their fate, baldness remains men’s number one scourge . Below I tell you everything about my own experience as the wife of a future bald man. It would be lying to say that I don't care, that my boyfriend doesn't care and that he wasn't panicked when the top of his skull started to get bald. He consulted several specialists, until ending up in the office of an implantologist who laughed in his face and told him to come back in 10 years. 

Gentlemen, if you read me and are losing your hair: do not worry, I feel you.

This raises ESSENTIAL questions: 

Why are you losing your hair? 

First, to uninhibit everyone, we will say that we naturally lose between 50 and 100 hair strands per day. 

70% of men suffering from hair loss comes from their genetic, so concretely if you have a bald forehead and you find it unfair, blame your father or grandfather. 

In most cases, the fall of hair is triggered by a hormonal reaction. The testosterone, male hormone, evolves over time. It mutates into dihydrotestosterone which leads to the following reactions: 

Collagen becomes less flexible

Hair bulb is compressed 

Hair fiber refines until it becomes too thin and too weak for the hair follicle to remain implanted. So it falls. Sad story. 

Poor blood circulation in the capillary vessels can also explain the fall of hair, it will not solve the problem completely but a regular scalp massage can stimulate the lazy vessels.

Finally, the well-known quotation "tearing your hair out" does not exist for nothing. Stress is an important factor, even for people who have no concern in heredity. 

I have this friend, who lived in London and worked day and night. On weekends he was going out to party and had a not great lifestyle. He was completely bald on the top of the skull yet having a father and brothers with a sublime hair implantation. 2020, the covid, he returns to Paris, meets a girl, changes job and starts living again. The hair loss stopped immediately, I even tend to believe that some hair grew back again. So as a conclusion: relax! 

How to remedy hair loss? 

There is no existing shampoo to date on the market that will save or prevent at 100% baldness. If you come across a product that claims otherwise in your supermarket: it's just marketing.

The MUST DO to limit hair loss: 

Ban from your hair care routines products coming from supermarkets, those whose composition is not organic, those whose labels are not legible. Choose clean, clear, soft compositions. The goal: to pamper your scalp as much as possible. 

Don’t shampoo too often but rather 1 day out of 2

Avoid industrial hair care products, always favor aloe vera, an organic wax or a few drops of vegetable oil to style your hair. 

Once or twice a year do not hesitate to do a cure of food supplements for hair and nails. They will provide nutrients that will help strengthen your scalp. 

Shampoos for gray hair

Hair turning gray mines you? Remember it has been the seduction asset of George Clooney for years. Whether you are extremely happy to have grey hair or a little sad, here is some very important information: gray hair has to be maintained. 

Men’s hair turn gray more or less early, in general it arrives in their thirties. 

White hair is the result of the decline in pigment-producing cells also called melanin at the base of the hair follicle. Everything happens at the base of this follicle and the process of creating melanin is called melanogenesis. 

No melanogenesis or an altered version of it and your hair turns grey immediately.. Melanogenesis decreases with age so all this is perfectly normal. 

Sometimes you may also have white hair prematurely for the following reasons: 

Heredity, your parents had gray hair at a very young age.  

An autoimmune disease of the skin, your scalp is therefore attacked too: you lose your hair and when it grows back it is white. 

Stress: the expression "to grow white hair" must certainly come from there. too many worries and the body can get out of control.

The environment: pollution, cigarette smoke...

White hair usually arrives on the top of the head and on the temples. 

Nothing alarming in having white hair, it's quite normal for men and it can even be quite sexy if it's well maintained. 

For those who assume their gray and white hair, know gentlemen that the texture of your hair is also different, so it is necessary to take good care of it. If your hair is white and gray, it is more fragile and porous than normal hair. 

Use gentle, organic and moisturizing shampoos. Our Nutritive Argan powder shampoo is very color-friendly and moisturizing. It will nourish and make your hair look shiny

Once a week, go for a shampoo that will neutralize the yellowing effects of your hair. Be careful once again the most dubious compositions are often those of supermarkets and retail brands. Do not hesitate to turn instead to pharmacies, natural concept stores and green spaces of stores you frequent.  

Shampoo for athletes


Women often stall their workouts the day they know they need to shampoo themselves. If you don't believe me ask around you! 

Why do they do so? Because they know that too frequent shampoos are not good for their hair and scalp. 

And yet after a sports session we often want or need a fresh shot. A good shower to bring down our body temperature, hair included.

You have dirty hair because sweat evaporates from your scalp, this leads to sebum on your hair lengths (even if you have short hair) and therefore dirty hair, which does not smell super good. So when I tell you to not favor a daily shampoo than you can ask yourself: what should I do? 

If you did a grueling workout and sweated like an ox during your workout: 

Wash your hair with a soft shampoo that is gentle to your scalp. I will never repeat it enough : only clean, vegan, silicone-free and sulfate-free compositions should be allowed on your head. 

Pick shampoos enriched with prebiotics. This is a good bacteria to strengthen the scalp after intense sweating. Our powder shampoo Douceur de lait d’Amande is what you need.  Conceived without ware, its very light format is ideal to be carried around in your sports bag. What could be more unpleasant than a product that spills over your stuff when you carry it? Nothing frankly. That's why powdered shampoos are a thousand times better than classic shampoos!

If you have done a short sport session and that you are a little sweaty but not enough to wring you out at the end, we recommend instead: 

A rinse of your hair with water that will remove most of the impurities, smells and some of the sebum scattered in your hair. 

If you really need to wash your hair even though you washed it the day before: you really need to invest at this stage in a mild shampoo, sulfates and allergen-free. A soft parenthesis for the scalp. 

If you have an irritated scalp because you wash your hair too often, you have some time ahead of you and you like to take care of yourself: our ultimate recommendation is a good natural hair mask on the scalp. Our Idéal Aloe Argan hair mask is composed of 70% aloe vera, an ingredient with highly soothing properties. Leave it on for 1 hour and continue with a mild shampoo. 

What about the beard?


Yes gentlemen, your beard deserves special attention too! 

Before thinking about your beard, it is imperative that you first think about what is the most important: cleansing your skin. In general, use only organic products with little to no surfactants, good ingredients and again simple formulas you can easily understand. Use a powdered cleanser for example the Charbon Purifiant one if you have oily skin, or an extra rich soap like the Sensitive Karité one if your skin is rather dry. For a neat beard, without stinging effect (think of those you kiss for pity) use a morning and evening nourishing oil. 

Here again it is worth putting a little budget: most oils even those in pharmacies are inexpensive and for a good reason: their compositions are not clean and they are composed of very little to no organic ingredients. If you buy this type of product you may irritate your skin and you will not feel the benefits of hydration. Our Muesli and Pure Vanille Precious nourishing oil is a little gem of hydration, its divine smell will give you a real power of seduction. The person recommending this product is myself and I am a woman so do not doubt the relevance of my advice!

You now have the keys to nourished hair, a healthy scalp and a soft beard. In summary if I had to give you my last advice: 

Take an interest in what you apply on your hair, you deserve ingredients just as qualitative as the ones used by women. 

Do your beauty shopping in green/clean beauty stores or on brand sites directly (even faster and more efficient)

Do not prick the products lying around in your shower, ask for advice if you do not know what to use (online experts, spouses etc.) 

Tell yourself that quality products are always a little more expensive than what you can find in supermarkets. Using them for your hair care routine is real a budget but it affects your health and well-being so it is not the appropriate time to be cheap. 


Now no more excuses for not using adapted products !


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