Gabriel Riboulet, Founder of Algorapolis, the first fresh Spirulina farm

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A born entrepreneur

Gabriel founded Algorapolis in 2016, which is the first fresh spirulina farm in the 18th district of Paris. In this farm, you can find spirulina in its raw form (not dehydrated), which is called "living spirulina", but also in frozen ingots. 

A former media analyst, he is a born entrepreneur. Five years ago, he chose to realize a project that make sense, by turning to food, his "first love". 

After watching a TV report on Arte presenting spirulina as the most complete ingredient on earth, a 3.5 billion years old food, he decided to learn more about this product. He discovered France is the first producer and consumer of spirulina in Europe, yet the country imports 80% of its consumption, much of which comes from China. 

He therefore decided to make a fresh, local and transparent product: spirulina, in a French farm, in Paris. He joined forces with François, an agricultural engineer in charge of the technical aspect of the business, and passionate about spirulina. 

Fresh spirulina, but why?

Spirulina that we buy in powder or in flakes does not have the food status but food supplement. Although spirulina also exists in its dehydrated form, a fresh and living product has a better nutritional value than a dehydrated one. 

In France, regulations impose not to dehydrate the product at more than 42 degrees, otherwise the product can be greatly deteriorated. A standard that is not mandatory in China, country from which France imports most of its spirulina.

There are many different productions of spirulina, so it is important to pay attention to how the product is made and where it was produced.

Food with many benefits 

The first benefits of spirulina are nutritional. This food contains almost all the vitamins except for D. Everything is concentrated, which provides a real contribution in vitamins, antioxidants and proteins. It is the most complete food that exists on earth. In 10g of spirulina (the equivalent of a teaspoon), we find the recommended nutritional intake for the day. 

It is also a great booster, which is very used by athletes.

Spirulina also has long-term effects on the skin, hair and nails: skin is more supple, elastic and radiant when consumed. Masks with spirulina and clay have immediate effects on skin.

Production process

Spirulina is a sensitive product, it is a photosynthetic cyanobacteria, it is neither an animal nor a vegetable. The advantage is in the cell wall, which allows for rapid assimilation, unlike a dehydrated product. 

But it is also a very fragile product especially in its living form that is why it is often dehydrated to facilitate the trade. 

At Algorapolis, the product is placed in tanks with fresh water inside, minerals, light and carbon dioxide. After 24 to 48 hours, spirulina grows, it doubles in volume on average every 48 hours. It will be harvested, in a very fine filter. On the one hand, the water remains in the culture, which allows to stay in a closed cycle and represents a saving of about 80% of water, and on the other hand, spirulina dough is recovered and must be consumed within 10 days (like consumption time of meat or fish). Once the jar of fresh spirulina is opened, it must be consumed within 4 to 7 days and kept in a cool place.


Spirulina in its fresh form has no odor and almost no taste called "umami" taste, the last flavor after bitterness. It is very rich in vitamins, amino acids and proteins, which is why it can be consumed in both sweet and savory dishes.

Spirulina is used as coloring agent for candies, because of the pigment it contains called phycocyanine (in Haribo smurfs, or Smarties for example). 

If you want to buy fresh spirulina from Algorapolis, go to their website: or directly at the farm which is located in the 18th district of Paris! 


Watch the interview of Gabriel Riboulet by Hélène Azancot, the founder of Yodi on IGTV on our instagram account @yodibeauty

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