How to fight « maskné » ?

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Wearing face covering in public in order to fight the spead of Covid-19 can cause acne under the mask. In order to prevent your face from mask skin irritations, we recommend you wash your face properly with a gentle cleanser. Yodi powder cleanser Charbon Purifiant is perfect to prevent oil and dirt from being trap on the skin surface. Our product is free of controversial ingredients and, hence, helps to prevent maskné. 

What is maské and why does it happen ?

Maskné is acne mechanica, the type of acne caused by prolonged wear of face coverings. Wearing mask impose friction and heat on the skin. As evidence of this, breakouts can come out caused by the moist environment from breathing, sweating or talking under the mask. Pore get clogged and can become pimple. Moreover, the skin can become itchy or dry because of the sweat and the heat…

That’s why, it is important to clean your skin and wash your face to prevent maskne. We recommend you fabric mask that you can wash and reuse!

How to perfectly clean and purify your skin with Yodi ?

Yodi formulas respect your skin. Our face cleansers are gentle and do not harm your skin. Our Charbon Purifiant cleanser is perfect to purifying skin and unclogging pores thanks to the action of charcoal. Combined with zinc which has sebum-regulating and antibacterial properties, this cleanser is perfect to prevent maskné. Our cleanser has been dermatologically tested and are proven to be excellent for oily skin. Almost 90% of the users believe that “the use of this cleanser has reduced their imperfections”.

Moreover, it contains prebiotics which helps rebalance the skin microbiota.


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