Nicecream Bowls, creamy smoothies recipe

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Sunny days are coming ! To celebrate, our three happy foodistas 12H03 share with us a new recipe : the Nicecream bowls, made with La Beauté powders Hygée

At Yodi, we love Hygée, the first brand of dietary supplements based on adaptogens, plants that help the body better resist stress and the imbalances it causes. Like Yodi, the products are in powder to be mixed with your daily rituals (coffee, tea, smoothies etc.) 




(for 2 people) 

2 frozen bananas 

250g of strawberries 

2 teaspoons of La Beauté Hygée adaptogen powder 

2 espresso cups of coconut milk 

12 @abbotkinneys style coconut greek yoghurt ice cubes (to prepare the day before) 

For the toppings 



Shredded coconut 

Goji berries 

Edible flowers 

Organic Granola with dark chocolate, chocolate chips @catherinekluger

Blend bananas, strawberries, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt ice cubes and La Beauté @wearehygee adaptogen powder until you get creamy and smooth texture. Pour the smoothie into two bowls and arrange the toppings nicely. Enjoy immediately !

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