Our skin lives at night

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We are used to hear that a good night’s sleep is amazing to get our skin plumped and healthy. But where does this fact come from?

#1 - The chronobiology

Chronobiology is the scientific discipline of studying cyclic phenomena in living organisms. It mainly deals with the study of biological rhythms.

There are several types of chronobiology: chronobiology of the brain, food, sleep, the digestive system

We are going to speak about cutaneous chronobiology. In other words, the study of the skin’s cycles and the impact of these cycles on the appearance of your skin, its health…

“The skin is also affected by what is called chronobiology. That is to say, it has a different activity depending on the time of the day “says Dr Marine Baspeyras, specialist dermatologist in chronobiology.

At this moment, we can realize that our skin has a real biological clock.

During the day, the skin acts as a barrier against pollution, UV rays, the wind and basically anything that could damage it during the day.

At night, we need to take advantage of the fact that the skin is less defensive.

Night creams are therefore really useful! What is going on our skin overnight?

#2 – A mechanism of cell renewal

At night, our skin divides its epidermal cells and repair itself.

The dermatologist Marie-Pierre Hill- Sylvestre explains it very well:

“This renewal is actually a process of cell division. The stem cells in the skin split in two. One part of the cell rises to the surface to assure its functions before being eliminated as a stratum cornuem. The other part stays in place and “regain its strength” to be able to be divided again.

Cell renewal means repairing scars, treating spots, removing dead skin… If you have either peeling products to reduce pimples and scars or product with fruit acids, it is better to use it at night as they will be more effective. They are also photosensitive which means they attract UV rays which can damage your skin.

#3 – A better blood circulation

Several studies show that blood circulation in the blood vessel of the skin is greater between 11pm and 3am. This is the period when cells divide themselves eight times faster! But how does it come?

According to Marie-Pierre Hill-Sylvestre, this is due to the fact that “cell renewal requires energy. Since then, it is normal for microcirculation to be activated.

The peak of circulation allows the skin to eliminate toxins accumulated during the day and to fill up with nutrients. The result will therefore be a strengthened and revitalized skin.

#4 – Greater permeability 

When we are sleeping, skin is permeable. This mean that outside agents can penetrate more easily the skin. In order to do this, you need to remove your makeup and clean your face. Afterwards, you can apply your skincare as “the skin will be more receptive” says Marie-Pierre Hill-Sylvestre. As evidence of that, you should choose beauty products containing the best active ingredients.

#5 – No sleep, bad skin

Obviously, cleaning your face before applying skincare is not enough to get a perfect skin the day after, you need to sleep!

A study from Case Westerne Medical Center University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, shows that a lack of sleep for a chronic insomniac can lead to premature skin aging. 

If the skin does not benefit from a good night of sleep, it cannot regenerate itself cause to a lack of energy. Your organs will be focus on different part of your body and won’t be dedicated on giving you glowing skin.

In addition, a lack of sleep triggers an increase of stress hormones. Stress makes inflammation worth leading sometimes to skin imperfection…

“Don’t sleep enough disrupt the secretion of hormones” says Dr Martine Baspeyras. “This affects the production of sebum, the cutaneous microcirculation…”

Sleeping is your skin’s best friend. You should take care of your night cycle and sleep at least 7 hours a night for healthy skin!

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