Pascale Brousse, wellness expert and beauty trends specialist

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A real wellness expert  

Sensitized to natural beauty and green trends since the end of the 90s, Pascale Brousse is specialized in beauty market trends, she is a real "trend hunter". She is also the founder of Trend Sourcing, an agency that advises brands on the turning points in cosmetics and well-being.

Before all this, she spent 9 years at Biotherm as a sales representative for 6 years, then 3 years as market coordinator for North America + Asia and in Strategic Intelligence, revealing what she really wanted to do !

Active member of the CEW (1st network of beauty professionals),  of the association "Slow Cosmétique" (Comité des Sages) and of Spa-A, she is also a speaker in many trade shows in France and abroad, moderator and journalist for the last 20 years, pro-influencer - elected "Best Voices 2020" Linkedin.

Pascale works with brands and institutes but she is progressively turning towards advising consumers, "holistic beauty coaching", enabling customers to constitute their routine with the right products. 

"What makes life fabulous is being able to share and help each other."


During many trips to the United States, Korea, Japan... She has had many experiences and developed her passion for wellness. Yes, if she is known as a cosmetics specialist, she is particularly interested in wellness. She was greatly inspired by Hippocratic, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. 

At the age of 16, she began to travel around the world and even completed a solo world tour. Among her strongest memories, there is the fabulous experience of Miraval, in Arizona (USA). During a study for Trend Sourcing on beauty and integrative health 10 years ago, she went to this magical place combining beauty, health and conscious eating. She discovered for the first time "watsu", a massage technique in water. 

During a personal development and self-improvement activity, she had to stand 15 meters above the ground on a pole before jumping. Just before jumping, she decided to think about everything she wanted to leave behind. An emotionally charged experience that allowed her to free herself and to seek authenticity.

Strong motivations

She was guided by the quest for authenticity, nature and naturalness; to meet her own nature.

"The trigger appears when we are emotionally affected". Convinced that tomorrow's innovation will first and foremost require respect for life and biodiversity, she made a real green transition very early on. 

During a discussion over a meal with a Quebecer during a trip to Cuba, she heard this sentence: "My body is not a trash can". This was the beginning of a true awareness. Passionate about nutrition and food, she followed a naturopathic nutrition course in the late 90's. She experienced many methods: youth, mono-diet, grape cure... Her analysis of the market wellness trends was based partly on these experiences.


During a naturopathy consultation at the end of the 90's that she heard: "Le vivant ne reconnaît que le vivant". A very strong sentence that boost her awareness of the importance to take care of oneself, of one's person. Overindulging in processed products over time can lead to problems or even illness. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can give back to others.

As a "serial tester", Pascale likes to create innovations combining her taste for experimentation, discovery of new products and her knowledge of brands and international marketing. 


Trend sourcing 

In 2000, she founded Trend Sourcing. Her goal ? Putting beauty back at the heart of wellness. Her mission is to identify the main trends in beauty, health and "lifestyle green" and to accompany brands in their strategy and their prospective vision. 

For more than 20 years, Trend Sourcing has been one of the forerunners in organic, green and wellness, and informs the various companies through the latest advances such as formulation and green extraction. 

The objective? To bring sense, coherence and ethics to these projects in order to preserve the world of tomorrow. 


Major beauty trends

Beauty is getting global. The major challenges today are the messages brands want to convey, the values they wish to convey, and their commitments. 

Transparency, simplicity, and origin are the major challenges of today's beauty.  Quest for transparency is limitless, and packaging are questioned : is it recyclable? where does it come from? is it bio-sourced? 

Traceability has also become a determining factor: users want more and more to know everything.

Her opinion about Yodi products

"There is a real work on the composition of the products, I am conquered by the powder format which is playful, and makes the hair lighter and naturally wavy. "

"When you are used to using conventional products, it takes at least 4 shampoos for the hair fiber to get used to no longer being in contact with a synthetic molecule. It is important to allow time for the transition. With Yodi shampoos, we can get back to the hair we had when we were young"


Watch the interview with Pascale Brousse by Hélène Azancot, the founder of Yodi on IGTV on our Instagram account @yodibeauty.

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