Self-massage: the lion’wrinkles and forehead wrinkles

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Emmanuelle Capus shares the same values of conscious beauty as Yodi. She practices massages in full consciousness in her Parisian institute, La Mandarine Blanche. Receiving one massage of her allows you to listen to your body and its sensations

Self-massage tutorials with Yodi

Facialist and body expert, Emmanuelle is FFMBE approved (French Federation of Wee-Being Massages) and provides self-massage tutorials for Yodi’s Instagram. 

She says that “the key is to have the right gestures and know how to measure the strength. We don’t put the same pressure on the eye area as we do on the cheeks or the forehead”. Through her self-massages, Emmanuelle is seeking to deeply work the facial muscles to awaken sensations and male you gain autonomy in your beauty.

Why should we practice face yoga?

Self-massage combined with a Yodi routine allows the skin to gain firmness, radiance and bounce. Before each movement on the face, Emmanuelle takes the time to show us how to heat the muscles for more efficiency. Thanks to this self-massage, you learn to reduce facial wrinkles trough the neckline with dynamic movements that release toxins but also through gentler movements to work the lymphatic system.

Here are the different steps to carry out : 

1. Stretch the frontal muscles with the palms of the hands

2. Press and stretch to the temporal muscles. Repeat the movement.

3. Locate the wrinkles

4. The 2 parallel hands will come to rub the wrinkle in opposite movements

5. If the wrinkle is horizontal, the hands will be vertical and vice versa.

6. Finish with the same stretch as at the beginning

It's up to you now ! 

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