Soothe your body with natural oils

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Vegetable oils are excellent for the face, the hair, but also and especially the body! 

But if oils can appear to be dry skin allies, it is also important to identify those that best suit your problem. And, if you want to find THE Yodi cleanser made for you, it's right here!

Soothe skin irritations with coconut oil

Tightness, chapping, and redness are part of the daily life for those who must deal with dry skin. Nutrition, protection, and soothing are required to take care of these fragile skins. Very rich, coconut oil nourishes the skin and soothes irritations. Antioxidant, it treats skin aging, tones it and make your skin glow again. And, most of all, this natural body oil leaves a pleasant summer scent on our skin.

Relieve your skin with sweet almond oil

Faced with the aggressions during the summer (sun exposure, chlorine, sea salt, sand ...), sweet almond oil can relieve sensitized skin. It is also recommended for pregnant women to nourish the skin and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Concerning skin diseases creating irritations such as psoriasis or eczema, it relieves them instantly thanks to its soothing properties (but it does not treat the underlying problem. It is recommended to consult a specialist).

Whether you have dry, irritated, or simply fragile skin, applying pure sweet almond oil will strengthen it and make it softer. All the year, this oil protects the skin by reinforcing its hydrolipidic film. With cane sugar, you can even use it to make a scrub.

Recover silky skin with hazelnut oil

Who has never dreamed of having soft and silky skin? It is possible thanks to hazelnut oil! It is concentrated in vitamin E and fatty acids, so it helps nourish the epidermis upper layers. By maintaining the skin's hydration, vitamin E also helps improve its elasticity. At the end, your skin is firmer and softer.

Fluid and light, it is ideal for solving many problems related to aging such as wrinkles. It increases the collagen production thanks to the vitamin E it contains. Collagen is an essential protein that ensures the elasticity of tissues... It contributes to give the skin its structure and its flexibility. The problem is that as we age, our skin produces less collagen. The vitamin E contained in hazelnut oil boosts collagen production.

It also reduces hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is the appearance of dark patches of varying size on the skin. It can be caused by acne, excessive sun exposure, pregnancy, certain contraceptive pills or even skin injuries. It seems that vitamin E can also reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Enriched with organic hazelnut oil, our precious and nourishing Muesli & Pure Vanilla oil will make your skin silky again!   


Deeply nourish your skin with argan oil

Argan oil is particularly recommended to nourish and soften the skin. Non-greasy, it penetrates quickly and protects from skin dehydration. Just a few drops heated in the palm of the hand and applied by massaging gently on the skin. It is important to insist on the driest areas such as elbows and knees or on areas that may be affected by stretch marks. For a complete relaxation, add a few drops of Argan oil in your bath... you'll get a super soft skin!

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