Tahini Sour Cream, high-vitamin vegan recipe

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New recipe for a quick vegan aperitif by Chef Anthony Maselli from Wholydaysfrance and Wholywoodparis: Tahini Sour Cream.

Tahini is a sesame puree made from crushed sesame seeds. It has many benefits: it is rich in vitamins and essential minerals, helps regulate cholesterol and improve skin health as it is a good source of amino acids and vitamins E and B.  

List of ingredients


For 4 people : 

- Soy yogurt (275g)

- Dijon mustard (25g)

- Tahini (15g)

- 25g of squeezed lemon

- Vegetable oil (sunflower oil)

- One glass of sunflower or rapeseed oil 

- Add salt (6g) and pepper (4g)

- Mint (15 mint leaves)

- Coriander (15 leaves)

- Flat parsley (15 leaves)

- 2 cloves of garlic


Blend everything together. Add sunflower or rapeseed oil and enjoy!

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