The alternative to DIY natural shampoo: the Yodi natural shampoo powder

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Are you looking for the ideal natural shampoo to detoxify your scalp and limit the appearance of dandruff? Do you dream of a product that will soothe your irritations day-by-day as well as helping you out to get soft, shine and silky beautiful hair mass?

Natural Yodi powder shampoo enriched with prebiotic 

Discover Yodi natural powder shampoo. There are easy to use and allow you to benefit from active natural ingredients.

Nutritive Argan natural powder shampoo

Nutritive Argan natural powder shampoo is enriched with prebiotics. It is recommended for colored, dry or damaged hair. We just need to sprinkle some powder across a wet hand before applying on wet hair like a regular shampoo.

It contains organic argan oil which is perfect to nourish your hair and make it shiny, organic aloe vera to retain water within the hair fiber as well as protect your colored hair. This shampoo is perfect for damaged hair thanks to pea protein which is good to repair fiber. This powdered vegetable shampoo is as good for the hair as it is for the scalp because it has a pH respectful of the scalp.

Douceur de Lait d’Amande natural powder shampoo

This vegetable shampoo contains sweet almond milk, known for its moisturizing and softening properties for the hair. It is as good for the hair as it is for the scalp because it has a scalp-friendly pH. It is recommended for normal to fine hair lacking softness and shine.

It contains a patented prebiotic: alpha glucan oligosaccharide, a sugar molecule that protects and strengthens the balance of the scalp’s microbiota (microorganisms that make up the “skin flora”). This powder shampoo is perfect to take care of your day on a daily basis.

shampoing végétal en poudre

What alternative to homemade natural shampoo? 

You can find on the market a lot of 100% natural powder made from natural Ayurvedic plants such as Shikakai, Amla etc. They allow you to create a paste that will clean your hair without damaging it. It is a good alternative. Nevertheless, we need to have the time to prepare the recipe and to purchase all the ingredients.

Yodi’s powder shampoo is natural and contain effective natural active ingredients for your hair and scalp. They are ready to use!

The importance of preservative-free formulas for your skin and hair 

Yodi’s motto is to “take care of your skin as well as your diet”. The goal is to provide a really effective solution to regular shampoos, or organic shampoos that are full of water (often more than 80%), preservatives and much more…

Yodi has worked with experts, microbiologists, dermatologists, scientists to make haircare natural and effective. The perks of powders shampoos and cleansers are the fact that you can carry its everywhere and store them for a long time. In addition, powdered active ingredients have a particular affinity with the skin. The products are free from controversial ingredients and then, very efficient.

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Shorten the number of ingredients in the products to enhance the quality of our formulas 

Our powder shampoos contain no more than 11 natural active ingredients. There are free from water, preservatives and allergens. Their perfumes are natural and small amazingly good. The foaming active ingredients were chosen for their foaming efficiency and for respecting the scalp. 

Yodi’s natural powder shampoos are made from a mix of plant powders such as aloe vera, proteins, sugars, organic oils and are enriched with prebiotic to protect the scalp. Argan or almond oils, as well as sugars, provide a very soft texture which gives a nice lather.

Their development required more than two and a half years of research and development. There is a long way to go between sourcing powders, choosing organic vegetable oils, and looking for efficient and active ingredients.

Our products are rated 100/100 excellent on Yuka and certified by the Clean Beauty label.

How to use a powder shampoo? 

In the shower, wet your hair and shake your Yodi shampoo before use. Pour half to one teaspoon of powder shampoo in your hand depending on the length of your hair. Add water in your hands to lather. Apply to your hair and lather like a classic shampoo and rinse well with water. After, your hair is clean and soft. 

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Yodi natural powder shampoo, a must have

Yodi powder shampoos should be a must have as it preserve water and avoid waste thanks to his aluminum packaging.

You are aware of what you apply on your skin and hair as the list of all the active ingredients is written in front of the pack. You cannot miss it 

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