What if we removed the preservatives from our products?

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When we mention consumer expectations in search of new beauty, we always end up speaking about preservatives. There is no gap between preservatives in food as in cosmetics.

Preservatives are meant to protect our cosmetics and food products from contamination in order to be kept longer.

According to a survey by the Harris Interactive Institute in 2008, related to the importance of ingredients in the composition of products, 54% of French women look for products without preservatives and 64% without parabens (one of the most famous preservatives but also the most controversial).

Nowadays, 59 preservatives are authorized by European regulations which is the strictest rule in the world of cosmetics. Only 5 preservatives are used in organic cosmetics (Cosmos Organic Label).

This list is full of ingredients that we can find in our cosmetic products: parabens, phenoxyethanol, essential oil, Benzoic acid, sorbic, dehydroacetic acid and even alcohol as some brands replace synthetic preservatives by alcohol which has the same effect as an antibacterial.

If you are looking for further information, click here. (Listed in Annex V of Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009).

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Since parabens have been banned in 2004 by the European regulation, the subject of preservatives in our beauty products has become a real subject of vigilance for consumer. It has also been the subject of scientific studies and research in Europe and the United States.

These last few years, the range of conservatives used has been reduced due to media sensation, the law, but also thanks to financial pressures. It is common to see the same preservatives (mostly synthetic) used in different products we apply on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this phenomenon should increase over time.

At the moment, the percentage of preservatives is strictly controlled. We need to pay attention to what we apply on our skin every day as we use more than 10 cosmetic products per day which are full of preservatives. All of this accumulation of beauty products with harmful ingredients on our skin is bad for our health even though we don’t really know all the consequences yet.

Preservatives remain a source of concern, even for organic products with formulas strictly controlled. What is the effect of preservatives from the different cosmetics we apply on our skin every day? What is their role in skin irritations, especially for sensitive skin? What is their ecotoxicity and their ability to biodegrade?

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