What is the microbiota ?

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Did you know? An average of 1 to 2 kg of bacteria are living in and inside our body.

What is the microbiota ?

The microbiota is defined by all the micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses present on or in the human body. The microbiome corresponds to all of its genes. There is different microbiota in the body: the skin microbiota, the oral and nasopharyngeal microbiota, the lung microbiota, the vaginal microbiota, and the intestinal microbiota. This one is the biggest of them with 100,000 billion microorganisms that contribute to the proper functioning of our organism and to our health.

The microbiota does metabolic functions essential for digestion and forms a barrier to pathogenic bacteria as well as stimulating the immune system. The skin microbiota, for its part, helps to maintain healthy skin by protecting it from aggressions and skin infections.

Acne, oily skin, atopy redness ... what can cause them?

When the skin is in good health, its microbiota is mainly composed of "good" bacteria: those are famous for being saprophytic. They eat sebum and dead cells. These bacteria play an important role in wound healing, in the immunity of the skin and in the protection against the "bad" bacteria: pathogens. When these are developing in great quantity, imbalances appear, and we speak of dysbiosis.

The imbalance of the microbiota can be caused by different factors such as age, sex, pollution, diet, etc. Skin pH can also be a source of issues. This imbalance manifests itself in skin damage such as acne, oily skin, redness, atopy.

Tips for taking care of your skin microbiota 

It is recommended to use washing products that are gentle on the skin while avoiding sulfates to preserve the balance of the microbial flora. It is also important to avoid washing products with a basic pH (pH> 7).

We will tell you more about the pH of the skin, hair, and scalp soon and which products you should favor with the fewest possible preservatives (better any) as preservatives can also damage good bacteria. The use of products enriched with prebiotics can help to protect your microbiota.

At YODI’s, all our products have a pH close to the skin and scalp. They are sulfate-free, preservative-free and enriched with prebiotics to respect the skin microbiota.

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