Yodi and Conscious Beauty

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At Yodi’s, we formulate powdered cosmetic products in a conscious beauty process. Nowadays, health, beauty and well-being are one. Yodi innovates through its range of powder shampoos and facial cleansers. This is a new generation of waterless products that are good for your healthy as well as for the environment.


« What you apply to your skin is as important as what you eat »

There is an increase of awareness on sustainable and conscious beauty. Why don’t we take care of our skin and hair with the same high standards as we eat. For our beauty products, many of us want more transparency, more simplicity while looking for effective and safe products. Yodi reinvents the consumption of beauty through the notion of conscious beauty. The brand offers natural, vegan and made in France powder cleansers and shampoos.

What is conscious beauty ?

Conscious beauty means to be aware of:

- What you choose to apply to the skin and hair

- How to easily decode a list of ingredients

- Where the assets come from in the products

- Most of our cosmetic products contain more than 80% water, preservatives, additives and allergens, including products labeled organic

- The impact of packaging on the environment

- The necessity to simplify your beauty routine while not sacrificing efficiency and safety.

From conscious beauty to Yodi powders

Yodi and his notion of conscious beauty was born from several observations.

We have made a bad habit of accumulating cosmetic treatments on the face and on the body. On average in France, a woman uses 16 beauty hygiene products per day, a pregnant woman 18 products and 8 products for a man (according to a study conducted by the Laboratory for the evaluation of chemical risk for the consumer – LERCCo).

Between the daily skincare products that contain more than 15 ingredients and makeup, it is more than 300 ingredients that the skin eats every day! 

At Yodi’s, we decided to remove ingredients instead of adding. Unlike shampoos and facial cleansers that contain more then 80% of water, Yodi’s products are free of it. By removing water, we also pull preservatives out and only keep the active ingredients. Our products contain no more than 11 ingredients.


Yodi powder cleansers are shampoos are enriched with prebiotic to protect the skin and scalp as well as organic vegetable oils to nourish the skin. They are ready to use, lather instantly and dermatologically tester. More than the powder revolution Yodi is a conscious beauty brand.

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