Your body deserves clean and organic products

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According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), women use an average of 12 personal care products a day, exposing themselves to an average of 168 chemical ingredients, so it's vital to understand what's in the products you use. 

Here are some tips if you're looking to make the switch to non-toxic beauty products. 

Clean, green, and everything in between

With the beauty and wellness industry saturated with seemingly interchangeable terms like “clean”, “natural”, “green”, and “non-toxic” it can be difficult for consumers to understand what these slogans actually mean. Used in so many ways, they can become meaningless words when they appear on cosmetics and personal care products. 

Natural usually tends to mean it contains plant-based ingredients. Actually, clean products are notable for the ingredients they are free of : 

•   Parabens : Parabens are preservatives found in many cosmetics, lotions, deodorants, sunscreen, and more. 

•   Phthalates : Even if you don't see these on the ingredient list, they're frequently lurking in "fragrance" ingredients.

•   Sulfates :  You've probably seen sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) in a lot of hair and body products . They're used to create suds. 

There are almost too many chemical compounds found in beauty products to list them all here. Luckily, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has a "Red List" of ingredients to look out for in different categories of beauty and personal care products, so you can check products before buying.

The designation “organic” as it relates to cosmetics is even more confusing. In France, a product is considered to be organic depending on the percentage of standard organic ingredients it contains and its COSMOS certification. 

Natural beauty products are becoming a popular option for women who want a more environmentally friendly way to apply makeup or keep their hair and skin looking healthy.

These products not only provide a chemical-free option, but they can also be more effective than the traditional applications. 


Why using Non-Toxic Beauty Products

In the same way that many companies "greenwash" products to make them appear sustainable, personal care brands often "clean wash" products to make them seem more natural or safe. 

This is why like with food labels, it's more important to look at the ingredient list. 

Organic beauty products have become more common in the marketplace as consumers try to balance their needs with protecting the environment. Here are four important advantages of using more natural beauty products:


Organic products are not only good for the skin, they won’t harm the environment. First, you won’t have to worry about chemicals going down the drain because there won’t be any in the bottle. You can also look for organic beauty brands that obtain their ingredients from Fair Trade sources or from local farms and suppliers. And, be sure to check out companies that package their products in glass or biodegradable packaging.

No irritation

They are better for your skin. Everyone's skin is different, but in general, natural products are made in a way that promotes wholesome skincare because they don't include harsh synthetic ingredients that can irritate or harm the skin.       

Natural fragrance

They don’t contain any synthetic fragrances. Traditional products contain chemicals to artificially freshen the smell of the lotion or cream. Organic products have a natural, pleasant smell and are scented with oils.

Overall effectiveness

They work better simply because they are made with superior ingredients! They are all the skin needs to remain healthy. Whether or not you have sensitive skin, organic beauty products can be better for your health and the world around you. 

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

Our skin is very absorbent, and when you use products such as moisturisers, cleansers and toners, the ingredients within these are getting absorbed into our bodies. It’s great to be health conscious and think about what we are putting into our bodies, and it doesn’t stop at what we eat and drink. 

+ :  they do not use any animal testing to gauge side effects.

Yodi products 

At Yodi, we offer a new way of conceiving beauty : a range of hygiene and beauty products: shampoos, skin and hair care, and facial cleansers. Our cares contain between 8 and 11 ingredients visible on the front of the packaging. They contain a prebiotic that protects the microbiome of the skin and scalp.

We have favored organic active ingredients, minerals and natural active ingredients formulated by biotechnology. We have eliminated irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, animal actives, preservatives, and allergens. Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable!

Yodi looked for the best active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in pharmacopoeias. We favor organic and sustainable ingredients. Shampoo scents are natural and allergen-free. The cleansers are fragrance free. The Good Face Project even recommended us ! 

Stick to the basics and enjoy the benefits. Just like you nourish your body with organic food, your skin and hair deserve care with organic beauty products.

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