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Hair Routine – Essential Nutrition

For dry, colored, damaged, curly hair & dry ends | YUKA : 100/100

This kit offers you 1 Nutritive Argan powder shampoo (40g) and 1 Ideal Aloe Argan mask (220g). The ideal combo to have nutrition from the roots to the tips! Two essential and complementary treatments for deeply nourished hair, ends and scalp.

Concerns :

Dry, curly, colored or highlighted hair with dry lengths in need of hydration.


Softer hair and lengths without frizz, softness, shine. Scalp and color are protected.

Capacity :

Our 40g powder bottle replaces your 250ml liquid shampoo and allows for approximately 20 shampoos. Our 220g aluminium jar is indefinitely recyclable and the labels are made of wood cellulose: biodegradable and compostable.


This pack contains


Nutritive Argan Powder shampoo with Prebiotic (40g), this water-free and preservative-free powder shampoo is a real DETOX for your hair and scalp. It contains only 9 ingredients of natural origin and is enriched with organic argan oil, organic aloe vera, pea protein and contains a prebiotic. Ideal for dry, damaged, or colored hair and also suited for curly or frizzy hair. Its powder texture is unique: ready to use which foams instantly when in contact with water.

- Idéal Aloe Argan Mighty hair mask 100% natural (220g), it is amongst the very first ones on the French market formulated without water and listed preservatives ! Natural and effective, it nourishes, hydrates and repairs damaged hair thoroughly. Composed at 70% of pure Aloe Vera juice, it brings shine and a satin-smooth touch. 

Yodi Gift Box – Included with the purchase of a beauty kit !

The perfect wrapping for your Yodi gift ! Our pretty Made In France cardboard box can contain up to 4 Yodi products. Easy to assemble, small, light and customizable. A nice gift for any occasion. 


Shampoo – Nutritive Argan: Shake the shampoo well before use. In the shower, thoroughly wet your hair and hands before pouring half to one teaspoon of powdered shampoo in your hand, depending on the length of your hair. Add water in your hands to lather and apply to your hair. Lather like a classic shampoo and finish by rinsing your hair well with water.

Hair mask 100% natural – Idéal Aloe Argan :

- On your wet hair : Apply on your washed and dried hair, leave on for 2 to 5 minutes then rinse well.

- On your dry hair in strong need of nutrition : Apply on your ends, a small quantity is enough.

- On your very dry / curly ends to to facilitate combing : Apply a small quantity on your lengths re-moistened with water or aloe vera and allow to dry naturally. 


Nutritive Argan Powder shampoo with Prebiotic contains only 9 ingredients of natural origin and is enriched with organic argan oil, organic aloe vera, pea protein and contains a prebiotic.

- Idéal Aloe Argan Mighty hair mask 100% natural : Composed at 70% of pure Aloe Vera juice and enriched with organic argan oil.

Find the complete list with all the ingredients and their benefits ici

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parfait pour mes cheveux frisés 2B déshydratés je me sers de la crème en très petite quantité pour structurer mes cheveux ou en masque de temps en temps.


Surprenant mais au top


Très satisfaite même si la poudre reste difficile à doser au début. Mes cheveux sont plus doux et légers.


C'est ma première commande de produits YODI. Je commence donc à les utiliser. Pour mes cheveux longs, j'ai essayé des tonnes de produits (très chers parfois) sans jamais être vraiment satisfaite. Avec Yodi, dès le premier shampoing, j'ai déjà vu une différence. Au deuxième, j'ai la confirmation que le sh. poudre argan est adapté à mes cheveux. Je remarque une nette améliorations de sensation au niveau du cuir chevelu. C'est parfait. Pour les longueurs, j'ai en plus appliqué le masque : mes boucles ont repris de l'essor, les cheveux sont souples, légers alors qu'ils sont méchés. Le masque les a bien nourris. C'est parfait. Je pense que ce sera encore mieux avec davantage d'applications. A confirmer.


Cuir cheveux apaisé, cheveux brillant et ça dès la première utilisation je crois enfin avoir trouvé les soins pour mes cheveux quel bonheur et délice cette odeur