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Body, Face & Hair Routine - Ultra Soft

YUKA 100/100  | For fine to oily hair & dry and sensitive skin 

Ultra gentle routine for body, face & hair

With no controversial ingredients, allergen-free

Tested under dermatological control

Soft and nourished skin, Light & shiny hair 

Our body, face & hair routine is composed of a Douceur de lait d’Amande shampoo, a Sensitive Karité organic extra rich soap, and a Trio d'Huiles face cleanser. 

Includes a customizable gift box.


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This routine contains:

- Sensitive Karité Extra Rich Soap (80g), it is hypoallergenic and ideal for babies, pregnant women and dry and sensitive skin.

- Douceur de Lait d'Amande Powder shampoo (40g), it is perfect for fine and/or greasy hair lacking volume. Its powder texture is unique and ready to use, which turns into foam on contact with water.

Trio d'Huiles powder face cleanser (30g), ideal for sensitive and dry skin. Its powder texture turns into milk with a few drops of water.


Extra Rich soap - Sensitive Karité: lather on wet skin, then rinse. Dry the soap well after each use for a better conservation.

Shampoo - Douceur de lait d'Amande: shake well before use. In the shower, wet your hair and hands well. Pour half to one teaspoon of shampoo powder into your hand depending on your hair length. Add water to lather. Apply to your hair and lather like a regular shampoo. Rinse with water.

Face cleanser - Trio d’Huiles: Shake the cleanser well before use. Pour about half a teaspoon of cleanser into your hand. Add a few drops of water and lather with your hands. Massage your face in circular motions to clean it well. Rinse well with lukewarm water.


- Sensitive Karité Extra Rich Soap : composed of coconut oil, grape seed oil, rapeseed oil, shea butter, white clay.

Our fragrance-free soap just keeps the natural scents of oils: simple and comforting!

See the complete list of ingredients here

- Douceur de lait d'Amande Shampoo: composed of almond protein, rice extract and a prebiotic

See the complete list of ingredients here

- Trio d’Huiles cleanser: composed of argan oil, safflower oil, hemp oil and a prebiotic.

See the full list of ingredients here

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Très bon savon pour mon bébé

Je recommande, les bébés ont tellement la peau sensible