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Face Set Soft and Glow - Vitamine C & Trio d'Huiles cleansers

This set includes 1 face cleanser Vitamine C et fleurs d'hibiscus and 1 face cleanser Trio d'Huiles. Ideal for sensitive, dry skin looking for glow. With this set you can switch between these two face cleansers to make the complexion brighter, tighten the pores and keep the skin clean and soft. They are both enriched with a prebiotic. A powder that turns into slightly foaming milk.

Face Cleansers Combo. Vegan, natural & made in France

Yuka : 100/100 | Tested under dermatological control 

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  • STEP 1 : Shake the cleanser well before use.
  • STEP 2 : Pour about half a teaspoon of cleanser in your hand
  • STEP 3 : Add a few drops of water and lather in your hands
  • STEP 4 : Massage your face in circular motions to clean it well.
  • STEP 5 : Rinse well with water.

For very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate tap water or limescale, it is best to use water for sensitive skin to lather and to rinse off the cleanser.


  • Vitamine C et fleurs d’Hibiscus, will clean the skin and get rid of impurities for a fresh and radiante skin. More information about this product : here
  • Trio d'Huiles, will nourish and clean the skin for hydrated and regenerated skin. More information about this product  : here


Daily use for 2 months in a container twice as light and smaller that will follow you everywhere ... Indeed, your cleanser will now accompany you on your trip without taking up all the space. Aliminium packaging infinitely recyclable

The products have been tested:                    

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trop fan

Trop fan de ces petits nettoyants. Ils sont tous petits et finalement la contenance est très correcte ! J'alterne un jour l'un et un jour l'autre, j'ai l'impression d'avoir moins de rougeurs.
Hâte de pouvoir voyager avec ... :D