Our commitments


The innovative power of YODI products lies in its waterless formula. The absence of water preserves the native qualities of active ingredients or cosmetic formulation both during their production and their transport. Our products are therefore preservative free.
We focus on efficiency and quality. We use skin-friendly surfactants and fragrances that do not contain allergens. We have taken particular care to avoid irritating substances and all the allergens listed by European cosmetic regulations.
Shampoos and face cleansers contain a prebiotic, which will nourish the good bacteria of the skin and protect the health of the scalp and skin. All our active ingredients have a proven effectiveness, are of natural origin, biodegradable and our vegetable oils are organic.


We, at YODI, aim to provide products designed with as minimum plastic as possible and to support the zero-waste movement. As such, we have chosen to use aluminum bottles (infinitely recyclable). The flip-top cap of your product is made of PP (recyclable) and can be upcycled thanks to our partner CEP-Recycling. Additionally, The label is made of wood cellulose (not plastic), so it is compostable and biodegradable!


If you are based in France, once your product is finished, please send us an e-mail (to hello@yodibeauty.com) ) so we can provide you with a return form to send us back your empty bottles. All you have to do is mail it back to us and it’s free of charge.
(The cost of each return is 6€ per set, but we are happy to participate, in our own way, in the waste-free movement)

Our products are not over wrapped, our shipping boxes are made of cardboard and our flyer is made of FSC paper. We avoid any void space and prefer small packages without plastic.


Each active ingredient has been traced and sourced. All the ingredients of all our products are printed on the label of the container.
The products are conceived in Paris, produced, and manufactured in the Périgord area, 2 hours from Paris, and our aluminum bottle supplier is 2 hours away from the production site near the French border in Spain. Our logistics center is in the Paris area.
We collaborate with Imprimerie Solidaire for the printing of our leaflets in FSC paper and for our stickers.


All our products are certified Clean Beauty and are rated 100/100 on YUKA. The YODI formulas have been patented and are dermatologically tested. 

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