Yodi brand


Yodi offers a range of hygiene and beauty products: shampoos, skin and hair care, and facial cleansers. But above all, a new way of conceiving beauty with powder treatments that turn into foam or milk.


Cosmetics of the future
in powder

A unique line of hair and skin care powders concentrated in natural active ingredients. Formulas that contain only the essentials, water free, preservatives free and additives free.


What if we saved
some water?

Yodi products do not contain water. The texture of our powder shampoos and cleansers change in contact with water, in the shower or in front of the sink. By avoiding wasting water, we make our beauty gesture more sustainable. In conventional cosmetic products, water must be purified, stored in factories, then transported to the merchant and to the customer. Yodi’s formulas are also easily rinsed off.


Minimalist care with prebiotic and

3> Our products contain between 8 and 11 ingredients, all listed in front of the bottle. We add a prebiotic to our formulas to protect the microbiome of the skin and sclap.


Vegan and
natural origin formulas

We have favored organic active ingredients, minerals and natural active ingredients formulated by biotechnology. We have eliminated irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, animal actives, preservatives, and allergens. Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable!


Commitment to eco-design:
aluminum packaging

Our packaging is made of aluminum, therefore infinitely recyclable and has no over-packaging.
The PP service capsule (recyclable channel) can be upcycled thanks to our partner CEP-Recycling.


An ideal format for

Take just the essentials with you. Our products are so light that they can travel with you everywhere. They are 5 times lighter than a classic shampoo or cleanser.


Natural but also  

Our skincare and haircare products leave the skin and the hair soft and healthy. They answer the concerns of all types of skin and hair. With our personalized beauty diagnostic, we help you find your perfect routine.


Products with
a real expertise

Cares developed with a microbiologist, expert skin and hair scientists, and patented formulas. The pH of the products is close to that of the skin.


Sourced actives

Yodi select the best active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in pharmacopoeias. We favor organic and sustainable ingredients. The sents of our hair products are natural and allergen free. Our face cleansers are fragrance free. Our laboratory, factory and manufacturing are all located in France.

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