Yodi Project


Hélène Azancot, founder of Yodi, passionate about the world of beauty and well-being:
“I spent 30 years working in the beauty industry, developing, and launching products from major French and American brands in the world.
Over 15 years ago, I sensed that consumers' expectations were changing, and I became particularly interested in natural beauty. I wanted to find the freedom to be entrepreneurial by creating my own brand and offering a new approach to beauty. My goal in creating Yodi is that we can take care of our skin and hair as well as our food, with the same requirement for transparency and quality of ingredients.
To innovate and bring a unique quality to my products, I wanted to simplify and take away instead of adding. Withdrawing the water really made it possible to think differently about beauty and to create these first products. With the help of experts in biology, skin, and hair to choose active ingredients known for their effectiveness, I created the brand in accordance with my awareness.

My wish is that it echoes all those who want to change things but also those who want to know more about this new beauty. Yodi was born out of scientific progress in the knowledge of natural active ingredients, the need for transparency from those around me and, more broadly, many consumers about their beauty products and the desire to find more environmentally friendly alternatives."

“Transparent by nature,
vegan and safe”


To eat well, the quality of the ingredients is key, and the best recipes are often the simplest. For beautiful skin, beautiful hair, it is the same.Yodi brings you the best active ingredients for your skin and hair in natural, minimalist formulations. No frills, pure efficiency. ”

With Yodi you know what you are buying, and you choose with a clear conscience.

“What you apply
on your skin is as
important as what
you eat.”

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